"It is Not an Accident"

“It is not an accident that God created people of different races and colours, but all share the same colour of their blood.”—Shafik

Black your skin, yellow or white,
Dull, smart, fool or bright
You may be the King, the Lord, or the Knight
You may have the wisdom, knowledge and sight,
But, remember my friend, your day and night
Me and you have same blood.
You may be a saint, I may be a sinner,
I may be a loser, you may be a winner,

You may own the sun, the moon and rivers,
I may be trembling of fear and shivers,
But remember my friend, ever, ever, and ever
All the people have same blood.
Give me your hand and take my hand,
Put your heart in my own land.
Why would the war destroy my land?
Please my friend try understand.

Me and you have same blood
All the people have same blood.
For a man who has the courage,
the determination and guts,
who served the human of all color and race.

For Jack Dreyfus