To the Reader

Dear Reader

In 1963 a great piece of luck led me to ask my physician for a medicine that was not supposed to be useful for the symptoms I had. It took me out of a miserable condition. When I saw six others have similar benefits, I felt I had the responsibility of getting the facts to the medical profession. This was not as easy to do as I thought. I had to retire from two successful Wall Street businesses. A medical foundation was established. Soon it became apparent that the medicine had been overlooked for the widest variety of disorders.

I begin with a letter to President Reagan in which this matter is outlined and his help is sought.

For eight years, from 1966 through 1973, I did all I could to awaken the federal government to its obvious responsibilities in this matter with little success. By 1975, the Foundation had sent two extensive bibliographies on PHT to all the physicians in the U.S. (Since this letter was written: in 1988, a third bibliography, containing 3,100 medical references, was sent to all the physicians in the U.S., along with a copy of A Remarkable Medicine Has Been Overlooked.)

When the second bibliography had been sent to physicians, it seemed that all a private foundation could do had been done. And there was progress, but it was slow. Something was wrong. Itís a national pastime to look for culprits. I looked for culprits but I didnít find individual ones. It took me a long time to realize that the culprit was a flaw in our system of bringing prescription medicines to the public. The only option left was for me to write about my experiences and explain the flaw in our system for the public, the physician, and health officials, all at the same time. That might get something done.

I hope you will find this site useful for information about your health and our Government.

Good luck,

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