The Most Remarkable Medicine Is Still Being Overlooked

This section forms the second part of the book, A Remarkable Medicine Has Been Overlooked. It concerns Jack Dreyfus’ efforts to cure himself of depression and his discovery of Dilantin. To read about Jack Dreyfus’ early life and his success on Wall Street, click here. To find out the conditions for which Dilantin (phenytoin) has proven useful, click here.

In 1958, Jack Dreyfus confronted what would prove to be the greatest challenge of his life. In the midst of a severe depression, he accomplished something unheard of for a layman. Having thoughts about electrical activity in his body, he asked his physician to let him try Dilantin (phenytoin), a medicine usually prescribed for epilepsy, not depression. It brought him back to good health overnight. He sent six other people with similar symptoms to his physician and they all had prompt recoveries.

Realizing that he had an obligation to investigate further, Jack did something most unusual. He retired from his two highly successful businesses, established a charitable medical foundation, and has spent the past thirty-five years obtaining information from all over the world about the many uses of phenytoin. In spite of phenytoin having been reported in medical journals for being useful for over 50 symptoms and disorders, it is being overlooked because of a flaw in our system of bringing medicine to the public.

Dreyfus sought help from Presidents, Secretaries of Health, Commissioners of the FDA, a Surgeon General, and others, to change the FDA’s narrow listing of phenytoin only as an anticonvulsant. Over the years three bibliographies have been produced and sent to all the physicians in the United States. You can read about the clinical uses of phenytoin by clicking on the Clinical Uses section to the left of the page.

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