The One-Hour Test in China

In Chengdu, China, with 53 Chinese physicians

By now the Foundation has done more than a thousand One-Hour Tests with consistent success. This test works as well in Chinese as it does in English.

Several years ago, Dr. Smith and I had the privilege of meeting for two weeks with fifty-three Chinese physicians from different parts of China. After discussing phenytoin with them for eight days, we were invited to go to a reform school. Based on interviews with five of the children, three were selected for the one-hour test.

The results were so good that six Chinese physicians asked to have the test. The nine tests follow. As you can see, there were forty negative thoughts in the nine people. An hour after PHT only one thought remained. We asked the physician if it was a realistic thought and he said it was. That is as it should be, phenytoin doesn't remove realistic thoughts. Click here for the results of the China tests: 1 and 2.

Note the marked improvement in the somatic conditions of these nine people. I did not ask the question about energy of the three children, but I did with the physicians. All had minus energy before PHT. An hour later all returned to normal. Consider this, negative thoughts are associated with being downhearted, with low energy. When the negative thoughts are removed, one becomes lighter-hearted and has more energy.

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