Authorís Note

A Remarkable Medicine Has Been Overlooked was written before my autobiography was even thought of. For that reason there will be a slight amount of repetition. Please forgive it. This is an urgent matter. Besides, there may be those who will read A Remarkable Medicine without reading the autobiography.

At the end of A Remarkable Medicine there will be a new chapter. Following that you may read The Broad Range of Clinical Use of Phenytoin.

You may begin reading the web site in the order in which the book was written by clicking on the testimonials.

The drug that is the subject of this book is known by two generic names, diphenylhydantoin and phenytoin. Phenytoin (PHT) is used throughout this site. PHT is a prescription medicine, which means it should be obtained through a physician.

The Dreyfus Medical Foundation is a charitable foundation and has no financial interest in phenytoin.