When A Remarkable Medicine was published by Pocket Books in 1982, quotations from the lay and medical press were included. Some are reprinted here.


“ ‘Jack Dreyfus, Maverick Wizard Behind the Wall Street Lion’ was the title of a long article in Life back in 1964.… His book is sure to become a classic.”—Harry Schwartz, Fortune


“The Foundation’s efforts to examine PHT in such extraordinary detail represents the first time in medical history that a single substance has been so thoroughly investigated as a potential remedy for such a variety of aches and ills.”—Albert Rosenfeld, Science 81


“How Jack Dreyfus became acquainted with this remarkable medication is a story that’s exciting and full of human drama. It should be a best-seller.”—The Berkshire Eagle


“As a rule, I’m not much for battle stories. But A Remarkable Medicine Has Been Overlooked is an exception. Dreyfus deserves our admiration for his truly heroic efforts.”—Ruth B. Schwartz, The American Council on Science and Health


“Dreyfus, a winning competitor in whatever he attempts...the book contains an exhaustive bibliography and abstracts from 2,140 published references to PHT research.”—Medical World News


“A man who cannot be overlooked... Dreyfus tells the story of his experiences with simplicity and humor....”—MD Magazine


“I believe this book is a labor of love by a man who has chosen to take on the established mode of looking at things that often precludes fresh thinking.”—Susanne Harvey, Pharmaceutical Executive


“This successful author is the founder of the Dreyfus Mutual Fund, a power on Wall Street. How he got out of his Wall Street business to establish and work in a charitable medical foundation is a story in itself... a service to physicians.”—Beth Harris, Desert Sun


“This remarkable man has sketched in simple and beautiful prose the story of his life...”—Ray Kerrison, New York Post


“Nobody doubts that Dreyfus has a good deal more than a lick of sense... His message is simple: PHT, best known as the antiepilepsy drug Dilantin, has been shown rigorously to be useful for the treatment of more ailments than any other compound known to medical science.”—William Hines, Chicago Sun-Times


“A book with a dramatic and often spellbinding quality—on the side of the angels.”—Peter Schwed, Turning the Pages


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