The One-Hour Test Graph

The one-hour test is in two parts. As to the somatic part of the test: No person has all of the listed symptoms, but three, four, or more are not uncommon. An hour after PHT, moderation or elimination of symptoms is usually observed.

It’s essential to grade the symptoms on a scale. We use 1-10. The average phenytoin needer has many thoughts going on, interfering with concentration, and his memory is poor. A person may have a severe headache, which might be rated “8.” An hour later, the headache might be mild (a “2”), but the person might say, “I still have a headache.” As to the second part of the test: Unnecessary thoughts usually disappear in one hour and the negative emotions that come with them are decreased or eliminated. This is a more objective method of assessing changes in mood than asking, “How do you feel?” before PHT and again an hour later.

The One-Hour Test

Part I—Somatic Conditions

These questions pertain to how you feel now. If you answer yes to any question, grade your symptom, on a scale of 1–10 (1, minimal; 10, most severe).

  Before PHT After PHT
Do you have a headache?    
Any pain or blurring in the eyes?    
Any ache or pain in the neck?    
In the shoulders, the back, or chest?    
Shortness of breath?    
Aches or pains in arms or hands?    
Aches or pains in legs or feet?    
Are your hands or feet hot or cold?    
Any tingling sensations?    
Any knots or butterflies in stomach?    
Are you trembling now? Hold out hands and observe.    
Do you feel any trembling inside?    
Do you feel a pulse, or beat, or throb inside you?    
Do you have any pain or discomfort not asked about?    
How is your energy now? (use 0 for normal, and + or - figures)    

Part II—Thoughts and Emotions

You could begin by asking the patient what he had for breakfast. When he tells you, remind him that he got that out of his memory, it wasn’t alive in his brain. Tell him what you want are thoughts that are going on now, that are difficult to turn off.

If there are such thoughts, ask the patient to write them on the left side of a piece of paper (you don’t need to see them, they might be personal). Then ask the patient to think each thought separately, and write opposite it the emotion or feeling that comes with it.

An hour after 100 mg of PHT, ask the same questions.

Before PHT
After PHT

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