Testimonials from the Board

For ten years the Dreyfus Medical Foundation had an Advisory Board which met at least three times a year. These were highly qualified persons who understood PHT thoroughly. When the Board was dissolved, the members wrote me such nice letters that excerpts are included here. Their compliments to me were really compliments to PHT.

“There is no one but you that comes to mind who has the compassion, the common sense, the courage, the patience, the perseverance and the prescience, the greatness of heart, the gentle good humor and the generosity to try to show the entire medical profession and the government of the United States of America that a truly remarkable medicine was not only overlooked, but often consciously avoided by the arrogance of science.”Theodore Cooper, M.D., Former Director, National Heart & Lung Institute; Assistant Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare

“My admiration and respect for you as an individual, and as a scientist, has grown over the years…. But even more than being a scientist, you are also a humorist, and have pursued your goals despite all of the obstacles, wittingly or unwittingly, set in your path by others.”Herbert L. Ley, M.D., Former Commissioner, FDA; Associate Prof., Harvard School of Public Health

“You need to know that it has been your unerring insights and guidance which have brought this work to its current state.”Paul L. Kornblith, M.D., Former Chief, Surgical Neurology, National Institutes of Health; Chairman, Dept. of Neurosurgery, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

“As you probably know I was something like 70-80 times abroad attending congresses, conferences, meeting people, attending talks, lectures and delivering them myself.

Only one of the people I met was a genius—so, please my dearest genius, live as long as possible, by healthy and happy.”Natasha P. Bechtereva, M.D., Former Chairman of the Commission for Healthcare and Welfare of the Supreme Soviet; Former Director, Institute for Experimental Medicine (formerly the Pavlovian Institute); Member of Six Academies of Science

“Among this peculiar scenario has risen the strong personality of Mr. Jack Dreyfus, with gentle manners, the mind of a wizard, the quick wit of a bridge champion, but the kind soul of an apostle.”Antonio Aldrete, M.D., Former Professor, Dept. Anesthesiology, University of Alabama Medical School Chairman, Dept. Anesthesiology & Critical Care Cook County Hospital, Chicago

“You have demonstrated to the entire world—at no little expense to yourself and considerable effort in going to the far corners of this world—what a valuable medication Dilantin is for many purposes. You have also demonstrated something that Mark Twain once said, ‘I have never let my schoolin’ interfere with my education.’ ”Joseph C. Elia, M.D., Most decorated Flight Surgeon in World War II; Editor, Medical Page New Hampshire Union Leader

“You are a human being that is forever young, forever giving, forever caring, and forever wise. Your works will be forever young.”Eduardo Rodriguez-Noriega, M.D., Professor of Medicine and Chief, Dept. of Infectious Diseases, University of Guadalajara

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