Speech Disorders

Schönhärl, Medicina Experimentalis (1960),331 reported that hydantoin therapy was helpful in a series of one hundred and forty patients treated for speech and voice disorders. The author did not specify which hydantoin was used.

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Sack, University of California, Doctoral Thesis (1968),320 conducted a double-blind study with PHT in twenty-four stutterers. Statistically significant reduction of stuttering intensity was found with PHT (100 mg). The intensity of the stuttering was significantly reduced although the frequency of stuttering was not changed.

320. Sack, L. P., The effects of sodium Dilantin on stuttering behavior, Univ. of Calif., L. A. Doctoral thesis, 1968.

Riley and Massey, Headache (1980),2047 report on three patients with aphasia and headache, and left temporal spikes, all of whom were successfully treated with PHT. The authors note that in one case, when the patient “ran out” of PHT, headaches and slowing of speech returned For other reports on a variety of speech disorders, see Refs. 1763, 1821, 1911, 2029, 2154, 2172, 2198, 2206, 2208, 2243, 2568.

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