Stambaugh and Tucker, Diabetes (1974),1583 describe the successful treatment, with PHT, of five patients with symptomatic hypoglycemia previously unresponsive to dietary management. Among the symptoms, typical of the hypoglycemic patient, were chronic anxiety, extreme lethargy, chills, frequent nausea, sensory deficits and other neurological complaints. These symptoms disappeared during PHT therapy, and clinical reversal of hypoglycemia was observed in all of the five cases. Six-hour glucose tolerance and radioimmunoassays of insulin levels, before and after PHT, demonstrated PHT’s regulatory effects and confirmed the clinical observations (see graphs).


1583. Stambaugh, J. E. and Tucker, D., Effect of diphenylhydantoin on glucose tolerance in patients with hypoglycemia, Diabetes, 23: 679-683, 1974.