Campbell and Young, Journal of Urology (1966),43 reported that twenty-nine patients having enuresis and evidencing EEG abnormalities were treated with PHT, alone or in combination with other anticonvulsant medication. Only twenty-two of these patients could be followed up. Eleven were reported to be cured or improved and eleven showed no change.

43. Campbell, E. W., Jr., and Young, J. D., Jr., Enuresis and its relationship to electroencephalographic disturbances, J. Urol., 96: 947-949, 1966.

Baldwin, Maryland Medical Journal (1969),706 in a study of seventy-eight behavior problem children, noted that among the symptoms helped by PHT was enuresis.

706. Baldwin, R. W., Behavior disorders in children, Maryland Med. J., 18: 68-71, 1969.

Liang, Zhaong, Xu and Zhang, National Workshop of Clinical Use of Phenytoin, Chengdu, China< (1992), 3156 used phenytoin the treatment of 5 patients (2 male and 3 female) with enuresis. The age range was 1 to 22 years and the duration was 1 to 20 years. All of the patients had not responded to previous forms of treatment including traditional Chinese medicine. The phenytoin dose was 100 mg three times a day for adults and 5 mg/kg/day for children. After one month to nine months therapy, significant clinical improvement was observed in 2 cases (the times of nocturia decreased from 1 - 2/night to 1 - 2/month). The remaining 3 patients improved (from 1 - 4/night to less than 10 times/month). The remaining 3 patients also improved (from 1-4 times/night to less than 10 times/month). There were recurrences in 2 cases after phenytoin was discontinued. One patient resumed phenytoin therapy, and the enuresis was again improved. In this case, the serum phenytoin concentration was 15.94 mmol/L (4.02 mg/ml). Generalized skin rashes occurred in 2 patients. Rashes disappeared five days later with no management in one case and phenytoin was stopped in another because of severe itch. No other side effects were observed. The authors conclude that phenytoin is a useful drug for enuresis. Since the number of cases was limited, further study is necessary.

3156. Liang, D., Zhaong, H., Xu, N., and Zhang, H., The effect of phenytoin on enuresis, Presented at the National Workshop of Clinical Use of Phenytoin, Chengdu, China, 1992.