Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia

Kong, Heyman, Entman and McIntosh, Circulation (1964),583 reported the successful use of PHT in treating a patient who had been suffering for ten years with glossopharyngeal neuralgia associated with disturbances of cardiac and cerebral function. At the time of admission to hospital the patient was experiencing between ten and twenty attacks a day. Treatment with 500 mg PHT a day completely relieved the pain. On 300 mg/day the patient remained symptom-free.

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Lee, Lee and Tsai, Journal of Formosan Medical Association (1975),1949 reported the successful use of PHT in treating a case of glossopharyngeal neuralgia. The paroxysms of pain, about thirty a day, were so unbearable that the patient was afraid to swallow or talk. On 400 mg PHT a day the patient became symptom-free.

1949. Lee, Y. T., Lee, T. K. and Tsai, H. C., Glossopharyngeal neuralgia as the cause of cardiac syncope, J.Formosan Med. Assoc., 74: 103-7, 1975.

Rushton, Stevens and Miller, Archives of Neurology (1981),2253 reported eighteen patients with glossopharyngeal neuralgia, who were treated with PHT. Four patients had good relief for periods up to several months. Five additional patients had good relief, sufficient to avoid surgery. (See also Refs. 2978, 3056.)

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