Granulocyte Transfusion Reaction

Ricevuti, Mazzone, Danesino, Toscano and Rizzo, Lancet (1984), 2907 reported twenty-five patients who received granulocyte transfusions. To control common transfusion re-actions, including fever, malaise, nausea and vomiting, six were pretreated with PHT (10 mg/kg). Four received hydrocortisone, and fifteen received no pretreatment. None of the patients who received PHT had any of these reactions. The four who received hydrocortisone had slight fever. Ten of the fifteen nontreated patients had fever. Four of these were subsequently treated with PHT with gradual, but definite, reduction of fever. In addition, the patients treated with PHT had similar neutrophil function before and after the transfusion; whereas, both the untreated and hydrocortisone groups showed decreased function after transfusion.

2907. Ricevuti, G., Mazzone, A., Danesino, M., Toscano, M., Rizzo, S. C., Phenytoin to prevent or control granulocyte transfusion reactions, Lancet, 37, Jul 7, 1984.