Stiff-Man Syndrome

Nevisimal, Suta and Tuhacek, Cheskoslovenska Neurologie (1967) describe a case of stiff-man syndrome of fifteen years duration in a fifty-year-old female patient. Treatment with PHT decreased muscular spasms and rigidity.

1998. Nevsimal, O. Suta, M. and Tuhacek, M., The stiffman syndrome. Cesk. Neurol. 30(2): 133-8, 1967.

Gobernado, Ortin, Rodriguez de Castro and Gimeno, Prensa Medica Argentina (1981), describe a patient with severe leg muscle contractions consistent with stiff-man syndrome. The patient had had progressive symptoms for twenty years. Sodium valproate was unsuccessful. Initial treatment with diazepam had to be discontinued due to side effects. A combination of PHT and diazepam produced both clinical and electrophysiological improvement.

2543. Gobernado, J.M., Ortin, A., Rodriguez De Castro, A.R., Gimeno, A., Stiffman syndrome, Prensa Med. Argent., 68(15): 613-6, 1981.

Pierini, Albim, Fustinoni and Vila, Prensa Medica Argentina (1985), 3213 describe a 60-year-old female patient with a four-year history of painful muscular contractions and rigidity of the lower limbs with right-sided predominance. When the patient received 400 mg of diazepam and 300 mg of phenytoin, her rigidity notably improved, but hypotension, lethargy and depression also resulted. With a reduction of the dosage of diazepam to 90 mg and maintenance of phenytoin at 300 mg daily, the patient was able to walk. Her hypotension, lethargy and depression also resolved.

3213. Pierini, L.D., Albim, J., Fustinoni, O., Vila, J.F., The stiff-man syndrome, Prensa. Med. Argent., 72(14): 489-91, 1985.