Localized Linear Scleroderma

Neldner, Cutis (1978),1994 reported significant reversal of localized linear scleroderma in five patients treated with 100-300 mg PHT daily. The duration of the disease prior to PHT treatment was one to sixteen years. Morbidity included arthralgia and joint stiffness, decreased range of motion, gait disturbances, inability to grasp or throw, alopecia, headache, neuralgias, and neuroses. The most distressing complication was that of deep atrophy beyond the area of linear sclerosis, which produced facial hemiatrophy or atrophy of an entire limb with varying degrees of permanent joint fixation and deep sclerotic bands underlying cutaneous hyperpigmentation. The author states that the response to PHT treatment, and the recurrence of the condition when PHT was prematurely discontinued, point towards the true pharmacologic effect of PHT in the treatment of this disorder.

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