Never has a book like this been published—a book whose story gives hope of better health to millions! His life story is inspirational.—J.W.

Thank you so much for having this book published. The most important book I've read in the last 40 years and may save my daughter's life!—E.W.

I admire you very much for trying to help people. Jack Dreyfus will be remembered when others are forgotten.—P.A.

Jack Dreyfus is a true American hero. There seems to be so few of them left.—B.C.B.

Thank you for you persistence in this great effort. Bless you.—M.C.

When taking my 100 mg of phenytoin I am in perfect health; when I stop symptoms occur. Thanking Jack Dreyfus and his foundation for many wonderful years of good health.—P.B.

I can't thank you enough for writing this book. Since I recently tried phenytoin I feel like a new person and I'm enjoying life again.—F.V.B.

Thank you for your research on phenytoin. It has helped me greatly.—D.I.C.

Needless to say, but I will, your book knocked my socks off. Thank you.—E.C.

Deep gratitude for the generous motivation which inspired Dreyfus' account. Dreyfus manages to keep a civil tone when most of us would lash out bitterly.—V.K.C.

I appreciate Jack's sense of humor as well as his commitment.—D.C.

The caring heart that lay behind this gigantic effort renews one's faith in humanity. It's nice to know that there's someone out there who cares for his fellow man...!—S.L.E.

Your book has already benefited me more, than if I had earned 1000% on every stock fund I own!! You are not a lion—you are a Tiger!! God bless you for all your work. You are truly the most wonderful person I have ever known.—R.D.

Thank God that Mr. Dreyfus had the means and the will to endure. What a marvelous tribute to tenacity.—G.H.

I commend Mr. Dreyfus for his perseverance. May God bless you for your efforts and bring the relief you found to others in need.—B.L.J.

I believe Jack Dreyfus is a truly great philanthropist and a creative individual.—F.S.M.

Surely you must know that your efforts combine humor, humility, honesty and hope in so many ways that I'm certain you will win a Pulitzer award and maybe even a Nobel citation.—C.M.

Thank you for sharing your life with us. The anecdotes, the humor, the wry reflections added to the powerful dimensions of the controlling motif—phenytoin and its being overlooked.—F.L.R.

What a life! What a book! Thanks for length of time and depth of subject.—M.R.

You cannot know how I feel—so grateful. Thank God Jack Dreyfus is on this planet.—R.S.

I am so excited about your book that I can't tell you how I feel—I think you are a most remarkable human being...I can't thank you enough for all your amazing efforts to bring this to the public.—H.M.W.

God bless Jack Dreyfus. Thank you.—M.L.H.

I consider this a great book and thank you for sharing your story.—D.C.

I was appalled to learn that phenytoin is still not available to millions of sufferers who might benefit from this medication. Professionally, I was impressed with the tremendous amount of research and scientific investigations that were noted in this book.—A.H.B.

I would have to say that, in the case of Jack Dreyfus, A Remarkable Man Has Been Overlooked—especially by the Nobel Prize Committee on Medical Research.—R.H.R.

I have just finished reading The Lion of Wall Street by Jack Dreyfus. Please convey to him my profound gratitude for his efforts on behalf of humanity.—D.B.B.

Jack Dreyfus deserves a lot of credit and is among the greatest men of our time.—D.M.

Thank you for all the sacrifices you have made to benefit humanity.—J.C.

Phenytoin has been a miracle in my life. I feel now that my ministry is to crusade for phenytoin. Tell Mr. Dreyfus I love him.—M.B.

Thank you for all the time, money and energy you devoted trying to help people. May God richly bless you for all you've done. You're truly a great man.—H.R.

What you have written is stunning, both from what you have to say about phenytoin and what I learned about the USA FDA.—M.K.

I just finished reading your book and I found it just as hard to put down as any Mark Twain or Zane Grey works. Quite a monument to the futility of trying to make sense out of politicians.—E.D.

SInce I read your book I have felt the need to tell you how much I enjoyed your story. I really didn't want your book to end because it was so much fun—thanks for the pure pleasure.—S.R.B.

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