A Remarkable Life

You have reached the "Life" section of the web site dedicated to the life and work of Jack Dreyfus and a remarkable medicine, called Dilantin (phenytoin). If you wish to read about how phenytoin was discovered by Jack click here. If you are interested in seeing what conditions phenytoin has been used for, click here.

You may read about Jack Dreyfus's remarkable life in various ways.

Life Magazine 1: Jack Dreyfus was profiled by Life magazine in 1964. You may read the article by clicking here.

Life Magazine 2: Jack Dreyfus's struggles with depression and his discovery of Dilantin (phenytoin) was featured in Life magazine in 1967. You may read the article by clicking here.

The Blood-Horse: For many years, Jack Dreyfus bred outstanding racehorses. He received the Turf Writers’ “Best Breeder of the Year” award on two occasions. He was twice Chairman of the Board of the New York Racing Association, receiving the Eclipse award for “The Man Who Did the Most for Racing.” Read about Dreyfus’ career in horseracing by clicking “The Blood-Horse” section to the left. You can read about his contributions by clicking here.

Other Writings: This section offers a collection of some of the inspiring thoughts of people who have written to Jack Dreyfus over the years. Also included are some of the ideas that have impressed Dreyfus himself: You may read these by clicking here.

The Lion of Wall Street. You may read Jack Dreyfus's autobiography by clicking here and scrolling through each page, or by clicking on any of the links below.

The U.S. Coast Guard
Card Playing

A Remarkable Medicine is no Longer Being Overlooked.
In March 2001, 73 physicians from 23 countries, had a meeting with the Dreyfus Health Foundation in London. Physicians from each of these countries discussed various uses of phenytoin. Before the meeting was completed, it was clear that representatives of these countries understood the versatility of this remarkable medicine. As expressions of appreciation, each of the 23 countries presented Jack Dreyfus with beautiful gifts, along with compliments. Click here to browse the brochure.
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