Authorís Note

The material contained in this section was first published as The Lion of Wall Street and contains material about my life. This being my only autobiography, Iíd assumed it could be written chronologically. Well, much of it can. But my life has been so diversified that some of it doesnít fit conveniently into the story. Take the chapter on golf. I played golf from the ages of thirteen to forty-five, but I couldnít interrupt the narrative every few pages with golf stories.

Itís the same with card playing, horse racing, and a chapter titled ďExperiences and Thoughts.Ē They are separate chapters and Iíll place them where I think they will interfere least with the chronology.

Following the chapter on ďWall Street,Ē there will be a book I wrote about sixteen years ago, A Remarkable Medicine Has Been Overlooked. Itís about the most important subject I know.

You may look at this web site in the order in which the book was written, by going to the preface.