Ida Lewis Dreyfus
Section, Earth
Heaven, June 14

The Reporting Angel
Department of Records

Dear Reporting Angel:

Thank you for your kind letter and the spirit behind it.

I must tell you that a terrible mistake has been madeóitís only fair to the mothers of the other boys whose records have been mixed in with my sonís.

The part about golf and cards sounds like Jack. But you can see for yourself that for him to win National Tennis Championships doesn`t make any sense at all.

One thing I can tell you, for my son to have become one of the wealthiest men in the United States is impossibleóif I knew a stronger word I would use it. Before I left, Jack had had three different jobs, at fifteen dollars a week, and hadnít made a go of any of them. It was no secret in the family that he would have a hard time making a living. He was a nice boy, but lazy, and had no ambition at all. Once he told me, in confidence, if he ever made $100,000 he would retire and live on the incomeóbut he knew he never would.

As far as the medical part you speak of, Jack knew nothing about medicine and had no interest in it. Apparently things got mixed up in the celestial computer. Could people from the U.S. Government be involved here?

Again, Iíd like you to know how deeply I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

With warmest regards,

Ida Lewis Dreyfus

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